Gaming News: Funko Pop! Blitz x Pusheen Crossover

Available from 17:00 PT on 29th September will be the ability for Funko Pop! Blitz players to add a line of Pusheen characters to their virtual collections. Amongst there there will be a total of 5 designs including the classic design alongside Pusheenosaurus, Dragonsheen, Pusheenicorn and Pusheen Mermaid. However if you’re a Funko Pop! Blitz player and you want to muscle in on this cute collection, don’t wait around too long because this is just a limited time event which finishes at 17:00 PT on 5th October.

Funko Pop! Blitz is the official Funko Pop! match-3 puzzle game featuring Pop! versions of lovable characters across multiple iconic franchises. During the limited-time event, players must drop Frosting to the bottom of the boards to decorate Donuts for Pusheen to enjoy! Only by collecting all Donuts in a level can the player unlock one of these beautiful Pusheen Pops! For an extra boost, a player can equip one of the Pusheen Pops! to increase the Frosting drop rate and speed up their progress in the Event. Funko Pop! Bltiz is available through the Apple App Store as well as Google Play.

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