Toy News: New Wave of Funko Soda inc. Deadpool, Spiderman & Jollibee

5 new soda figures have been announced by Funko, with ALMOSt all of them being comic book characters… So let’s start with those first! We have Marvel represented by Spider Man with a chase in the black suit and a total of 15,000 of these set to be made along with a further 15,000 Deadpool figures where the chase is holding a unicorn plush. DC on the other hand are represented by green lantern in a chase white suit, made to a number of 12,500 and 15,000 Godspeed figures with a chase in a black suit. This last one is a Gamestop / EB Games exclusive.

As I said, they’re ALMOST all comic book characters, with a new ad icon being released with Jollibee being first available through the Jollibee App. The chase is a glow in the dark and a total of 10,000 being made.

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