NFT News: Funko x WAX x Iron Maiden Line Coming Soon

Being released on 30th September 2021 at 11:00 PDT is the next line of Funko NFTs through the Wax Blockchain. I have found these to be super high quality and great fun to collect, but get in there quick because last time I queued half an hour before hand and still didn’t get a pack in the original sale – so get queuing as early as you can. They are however limiting sales to $30 which is great to see. Prices are $9.99 for the standard pack of 4 cards or $29.99 for a premium pack of 15 cards. In total they will make 18,000 standard packs and 6,000 premium packs.

Every single card will focus on the band’s mascot, Eddie with 6 different rarities:

  • Common – 51.33% chance
  • Uncommon – 28% chance
  • Rare – 14% chance
  • Epic – 5.4% chance
  • Legendary – 0.9% chance
  • Grail – 0.37% chance

There will this time also again be some physical redemption’s available! There are physical redemption’s in both the Legendary and Grail classes as well as a collection mastery token which is physically redeemable if you can collect 1 of each common, uncommon, rare and epic NFT from this line.

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