Toy News: Funko to Release a huge new range of Pop Pins Including more Christmas Pins

We had the Funko Festival of Fun not that long ago and they announced a set of Gremlins Pop Pins, however they have just now announced a bunch more… so it looks like the Festival of Fun wasn’t the be all and end all of Christmas products for the year. To join the Gremlins pop pins we now also have announcements of Kevin from Home Alone, complete with air rifle and iron, Buddy from Elf, the Grinch and also Ralphie from the Office: A Christmas Story, which comes complete with a red and gold chase version.

On top of this however we don’t just have christmas themed pins, getting a really nice sized and diverse pins from a range of fandoms:

DC Bombshells is getting their own range, which I for one am very excited about. These look incredible and we will be getting Harley, Poison Ivy (who also has a glow in the dark chase version), Bat girl and Cat woman. Don’t worry Marvel don’t miss out with them getting an X-Men range including Wolverine (who also has a metallic looking chase version), Colosuss, Storm and Rogue.

Funko seem to be on a bit of a Seinfeld kick at the moment so we will also be seeing Elaine, Jerry (in a puffy shirt along with a metallic looking chase version), George and Kramer. Another fandom which often gets a lot of attention from Funko (which I’m very glad about) is Star Wars who are represented by Darth Maul (the best release from this whole announcement), queen Amidala (with a metallic chase), Sebulba and Yougn Annakin.

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