Trading Card News: Pokemon TCG V Battle Deck – Rayquaza Vs. Noivern

Available for sale from 8th October through the Pokemon Center or various pokemon retailers is this double battle deck pitting Rayquaza and Noivern head to head in a legendary battle between 2 fierce rivals. This double battle pack contains everything you need to battle with a friend… or rival from both sides of the deck. As such it contains:

  • 2 x ready to play V battle decks (60 cards each) complete with Rayquaza V and Noivern V (one with each deck)
  • 8 x additional trainer cards including 2 foils
  • 2 x large metallic coins
  • 2 x deck boxes
  • 2 x quick guides
  • 2 x single player play mats
  • 6 x reference cards
  • Various damage counters
  • 1 x guide to upgrading your decks
  • 1 x Pokemon TCG online code card

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