Toy News: NYCC 2021 Paulie Pigeon or Pizza Rat Funko Pops

On sale from 20th September through the NYCC online shop portal are the 2021 NYCC mascot Funko pop figures and I always think they’re such a cool couple of characters. This year Pizza rat has a multicolored knitted hat on whilst Paulie is dressed in a green superhero outfit complete with mask. In order to buy these though you need to be able to provide the details of an official NYCC badge, with these available to buy online now. These are such cool figures and I assume will be available to pick up from the official show merch stall on the day! I do think it’s a real shame that Funko is able to get away with just providing their own exclusives to which ever event they want now without even attending as they had previously stated that they won’t be at NYCC. COVID-19 lock downs have given them such a huge online presence it feels like they can now just be where they want in spirit. I always feel that part of the fun of picking up exclusives is the hunt for them from the official vendors, not reserving them and picking them up from the show office rather than the seller stall – Funko always put on such a nice stall I think they’re actually taking away from the experience a fair bit.

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