Toy News: GameStop Exclusive DC Dceased Mystery Box

This is a pretty nice looking box and I think for $19.99 it’s a pretty damn good price too. Each box contains 1 of 4 Funko pops (there are 2 Batman and 2 Joker pops up for grabs with all being a bit zombified and the difference after that just being blood detail), 1 of 4 keychains, 1 of 4 stickers and 1 of 4 pop pins. These are exclusive to Gamestop and EB Games and the content is totally random. What they haven’t specified is whether you might end up with for example a bloody joker pop, a bloody batman pin, a batman sticker and then a joker keychain, or whether all 4 items will be the same character just that you won’t know which character it is. I’m going to assume it’s the first option.

I have to say that the Joker (not the bloody version) is actually one of my favorite Jokers which Funko have released.

They were also selling a 6 mystery box bundle however I can’t find the link for that any more, which may be because there was a fault with the pricing so if you went for that option just double check your cart. A few people had been reporting that if they ordered 1 6 box bundle they were being charged for 6 of the 6 box bundles which would have become very expensive! I assume that’s why the boxes aren’t available right now, but they may well go back on sale.

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