Toy News: Funko Celebrate Batman Day with a Bunch of New Figures

For me, probably the most interesting item, just because it seems to feel like a slightly higher quality item and is something a little bit different is the die-cast batman which looks really nice in that clear plastic box. Bringing down the tone a bit again though are 3 new additions to the artist series with 2 of them being exclusive to the 2 different Funko shops. The blue one isn’t that bad but I hate that Batman with Joker colors! I have to say though that the common one, the gray with black bats and a brick texture does actually look alright.

2 other pops are one for the Joker king which is quite cool and then a really nice Batman Beyond figure, which also get a soda version. The common of these is one of the nicest Batman related soda figures in my opinion and the chase version is ok… A bit much for me! There are 15,000 of these being produced altogether.

All of these are Funko exclusives by the way (whether at their various shops or online).

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