Gaming News: WipeOut to Return with WipeOut Rush as a Mobile Game

Playstation have revealed that the awesome WipeOut racing game… you know that ridiculously speedy futuristic racing game… no? It has been a little while since we last saw a new WipeOut game, but they’ve aged incredibly well and I’d highly recommend checking them out if you’re a fan of racing, flying or just crazy techno rave games! But it’s not coming back as a console game, instead returning to iOS and Android… But it’s not going to be quite the same, and I think for fans of the original its going to be so far removed that it might not be what we all really want!

They’re turning it in to a card based type game where you manage a roster of racers, rather than racing yourself.

Go check out the full post by the guys at Go2Games for more details… What do you think? Were you as excited as I was thinking you’d be travelling at hundred of miles per hour on your phones too?

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