Toy News: New Funko Marvel What If… Range with Zombies

Funko have already added to the existing What If…? line from Marvel with a whole bunch of new products which are following the zombie story line currently. These range from 4 new pocket pop keychains (Captain America, Spider Man, Iron Man and Falcon) a new Soda figure of Zombie Captain America limited to 12,500 and a glow in the dark chase, through to a bunch of Funko pop figures. Of course there are a LOAD of exclusives:

  • Hot topic unmasked spider man
  • Target zombie Dr Strange
  • Walmart metallic spider man
  • Amazon glow in the dark zombie Iron Man
  • Walmart jumbo zombie Iron Man
  • Gamestop jumbo Zombie Captain America
  • Funko Zombie Captain America with an alternative pose

Of course there are however some common pops hitting the wider market including the Falcon, Scarlett Witch, Iron Man, Spider Man and Captain America. Even though there’s already a Marvel zombies range, I think this one actually trumps that line – by a Long way! These are so much nicer.

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