Funko Gold Series 1 Premium Vinyl Figures; Biggie Smalls Review

I had written earlier in the year about these being on the horizon for Funko and I wondered at the time whether it was a series they particularly needed at that time, or this time for that matter. After that things seemed to go a bit quiet on this line until I suddenly just happened to stumble across some at my local HMV. What happened to this release!?! There’s no sign of them on the Funko app, the Funko website or sellers like Pop in a Box… Did Funko have the same thoughts as me after they announced them?

I really can’t wrap my head around it, but I saw them anyway and decided to see what they’re all about, and to be honest, I doubt that this guy will be staying in my collection. I’m not a big hip hop fan anyway so it really was more for the sake of the figure itself that I got this… So let’s have a chat about it!

I got the 12 inch version, even though they did also have the 5 inch in stock. I have to say that for a vinyl figure the 12 inch one is an impressive looking thing, whilst the 5 inch is really nothing special.

When I picked it up, that’s where I got the biggest surprise, because at the end of the day you look at it and it’s relatively clear that it’s a Funko product, even down to the packaging which is almost reminiscent of a hybrid between a pop box and a hikari box. But picking this thing up, it weighs 1,049g… This is no slightly forgiving soft vinyl – it is rock solid!

I think the only thing which makes this feel a little more premium than the pop or soda range is that heftiness – it just feels like a good quality product, and to be fair the finish on it (especially paint) is really good – probably higher quality than most pops I see these days. But that really is the end of the premium thing – at £21.99 it’s not even like it’s a premium price bracket, so I don’t think that they’re going to be breaking the premium designer toy market with this one… Although dressed in all white, this guy may well be perfect for customising! One more thing to note is that it has absolutely not points of articulation.

The stylizing of the figure is a bit weird too to be honest. the body and clothing is very rounded and has nice flowing curves, but the hands and face have these very pronounced straight edges and angles.

So do I like these figures?

Yeah, they’re alright, but they’re really not special enough to warrant calling them a premium range if you ask me.

So will I be buying any more?


It will be interesting to see though what is going on with this range as it appeared from no where, but I do feel like this is going to retire as a very small line!

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