Nerd News: New Retro Toys Funko Pop Range Coming Soon, Including BAM Exclusive Ouija Planchette

Yeah you read that right – this is a weird one, but I really like it, and it’s perfect in the run up to Halloween. BAM (Books a Million) are bringing this exclusive cute funko pop of a Ouija planchette, holding a Ouija board and I just like how they advertise it as being inspired by the popular retro party game… Popular retro party game? Ok maybe way back in the day… part of the retro toy range though? Hmmmm.

Sadly this pop is for pre-order and they’re actually going to completely miss Halloween with a December release date… makes sense right?

Love it though, get it now from BAM, or if you’re in the UK Pop in a Box have it too!

Now that we’ve got that piece of crazy news out of the way there are some more additions which are actually fun retro toys and some of these are brilliant, especially the Play-Doh one! Along with this there is a Barrel on Monkey’s, Polly Pocket clam shell, Lite Brite Board and Trouble board game.

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