Nerd News: Whats New for Shudder UK in September 2021

I keep meaning to do these posts and always miss the mark so I apologize! This month I’m almost in time, so let’s see what’s coming to Shudder UK this month. In the run up to Halloween, it looks like they’re having a pretty nice LONG run up, with what they’re calling their 61 days of Halloween… Wonder what will be their big finale at the end of October – with something to watch every day it looks like it’s going to be a pretty sweet 61 days!

Movies on Shudder

  • 1st September – Anna and the Apocalypse
  • 1st September – The Stuff
  • 2nd September – Superhost (Shudder Exclusive)
  • 6th September – Ben
  • 6th September – Willard
  • 6th September – Every Time I Die
  • 6th September – The Lesson
  • 6th September – Splinter
  • 6th September – Sword of God
  • 9th September – Martyrs lane (Shudder Exclusive)
  • 13th September – Lawnmower Man
  • 13th September – Lawnmower Man 2
  • 13th September – The Prey
  • 14th September – Kriya
  • 21st September – Creepshow 2
  • 27th September – Phantasm
  • 27th September – Phantasm II
  • 27th September – Phantasm III
  • 27th September – Phantasm IV
  • 27th September – Phantasm Ravager
  • 27th September – Level 16
  • 27th September – Mercy Black
  • 28th September – Seance (Shudder Exclusive)

Series on Shudder

  • 2nd September – Slasher: Flesh and Blood (Episode 5) (Shudder Exclusive)
  • 9th September – Slasher: Flesh and Blood (Episode 6) (Shudder Exclusive)
  • 16th September – Slasher: Flesh and Blood (Episodes 7 and 8) (Shudder Exclusive)
  • 23rd September – Creepshow (Episode 301) (Shudder Exclusive)
  • 30th September – Creepshow (Episode 302) (Shudder Exclusive)

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