Nerd News: Funko game Day 2021

Didn’t we have the Funko festival of fun a few days ago? We did have a special event with a couple of days worth of announcement after announcement didn’t we – I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t mistaken, because yesterday we had another one of those days. These are getting incredibly regular now, and I do worry that many a Funko collector just isn’t going to be able to keep up with this constant barrage of announcement days – I know I struggle, and it’s got me pretty conflicted about the collection! But. it has indeed happened so let’s take a look at Funko Game Day which was dedicated all things sport!

Go Sports!


We start off with the more light hearted side of sports and have a batch of I believe just basketball ones in this release… It’s the mascots! The new batch of 9 mascots (although 10 pops as the Toronto Raptors one has a Canadian exclusive version as well) are:

  • Benny the Bull for the Chicago Bulls
  • The Coyote for the San Antonio Spurs
  • Hugo for the Charlotte Hornets
  • Go-Rilla for the Phoenix Suns
  • The Raptor for the Toronto Raptors
  • Hook ‘Em for the University of Texas
  • Nittany Lion for Penn State
  • The Oregon Duck for… well, it’s the Oregon Ducks
  • Sebastian the Ibis for Miami

American Football

All from the NFL we have a new set of 9 players altogether:

  • Tua Tagovailoa
  • Joe Burrow
  • Jerry Jeudy
  • Jamal Adams
  • Myles Garrett
  • Josh Jacobs
  • Tom Brady
  • Justin Herbet
  • Stefon Diggs

Ice Hockey

We have got 12 new standard sized pops for this sport with a Canadian exclusive jumbo sized version of Wayne Gretzky which looks pretty cool, and is probably about the only name in Ice Hockey that I would recognize. Along with this they also have:

  • Wayne Gretzky
  • Guy Lafleur (exclusive to Canada and with a chase version available, which I believe is just the addition of a trophy)
  • Bobby Clarke
  • Terry Sawchuk
  • Jean Believeau
  • Connor McDavid
  • Leon Draisaitl
  • Mitch Marner (Canadian exclusive)
  • Roman Josi
  • Kyle Connor
  • Auston Matthews
  • Jonathan Huberdeau


Not a huge addition for the NBA players with just 6 new pops:

  • Jayson Tatum
  • Jimmy Butler
  • Jamal Murray
  • John Wall
  • Gordon Hayward
  • Anthony Davis

Soccer (the original Football)

For soccer we come over to Europe with Jurgen Klopp (it’s good to see a manager getting the pop treatment) and Thiago Alcantara of Liverpool Football Club, Phil Foden and Raheem Sterling of Manchester City (although I think they missed out with Phil Foden’s hair color after the European Championships as his bleached hair is part of the reason why he stood out so much visually) and then heading over to France for Angel Di maria of Paris Saint-Germain.


Only one cricket player, although it’s good to see Funko making the sport cool with Virat Kohli of India. This is the first cricket pop and it sounds like they may have plans for more!

Professional Wrestling

We finish with the WWE and 3 different exclusives. Firstly there is the Survivor series 2009 version of Shawn Michael Degen exclusive to EB Games and Gamestop, followed by a glow in the dark version of Rey Mysterio exclusive to Amazon.

The we finish with this final monstrosity. You probably know by now how I feel about the art series of pops. They made 1 or 2 lately which looked ok and then they bring out this Rock figure which looks like its had someone go decoupage crazy with some wrapping paper and glue… That alone might have looked bordering on ok… But then to top it off who gave a green light to those weird bright red eyes? So weird and I’m glad its exclusive to Walmart where I’ll hopefully never have to see this thing in the flesh.

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