Funko Big Boy NFT Release Review and Pulls

I’ve had a bit of a roller coaster with this NFT release, and if you know what I’m like you’ll know that originally I didn’t see the point of NFTs but with the TMNT line I started to get it, and now with this Big Boy release I’m pretty well on my way to being hooked on NFTs and it has actually helped to restore a bit of joy in the collecting of Funko stuff for me. At the moment they constantly have new things being released and every week there seems to be a different huge announcement or event. To be honest I was starting to get a bit sick of Funko, so yesterday I was looking forward to getting on board with this drop, and that’s where the roller coaster started!

It actually started a bit before that as Funko had tweeted about a promo drop and as I scrolled through where it said to drop your wax wallet address to get a free promo pack it was just post after post of bots… In the end they released just over 8,000 of the 10,000 promo packs they’d made available and I actually purchased a few more so that I could open a couple and collect the whole promo set (the same as I did with the TMNT line).

This gave me a bit of an idea of what it will be like to try and get some packs, so I got on the site early at 18:30 GMT (they were dropping at 19:00 my time) and already I had to join a queue, which was fine by me, but as soon as it hit 19:00 it gave me a queue position and I had over 28,000 people ahead of me. I wasn’t sure what the sales limits were per person but with an hour of queuing left and 28k people waiting for a drop of just 20,000 packs, what was the point?… I packed up and went shopping.

As it turned out that was a blessing in disguise!

Just a couple of hours ago I went online and decided that I would buy a premium pack… It sucked having to pay $60 for it as that made it double the retail value, but I wanted that experience… I missed out on it with TMNT and this was slightly cheaper and also I do love the Funko Big Boy products.

When you open an NFT pack you get a nice animation of the pack opening and then it shows the cards get revealed one by one along with the rarity and this is where I genuinely might have peed in my pants a little… I got so excited and am still so happy I missed out yesterday!

They started to reveal, first a coin, followed by 2 commons (Big Boy Soda and Big Boy Server). They were cool, but I then got my first rare (Big Boy Pose) which was followed by a black and white common max… I quite like this max character and between him and Freddy that’s where most of my attention with the TMNT line went… But then I lost it!

The one which everyone wants (well one of them)… I saw the burger and it revealed the Legendary rarity! I got myself a redeemable NFT which I am absolutely NO WAY trading or selling. I want this 1,500 piece burger pop figure when it drops at the end of December – what a way to end the year that will be!

I got excited because after that I got another burger (in fact I got another 2, but these were both the rare kind, which is still cool, but not as cool as a redeemable one!). These were then interspersed with another couple of coins, 2 of the Big Boy skipping commons, a First Edition big Boy common in black and white, Common Big Boy bank and restaurant, uncommon Vintage Big Boy, black and white Big Boy server and a rare Max which I was very happy with too!

Overall these kept me pretty happy and I would have called it a day there but the final one revealed and it was the Epic Big Boy Bobble, so that really finished off the set nicely for me!

Of course I knew that I would never repeat that luck but got a 5 pack as well which had a coin, 3 commons and a rare Big Boy with Shake. I have to say that common Freddy dressed as the Big Boy in color is one of my favorite looking ones!

It really cost me over the odds to get these packs but damn was it worth it! I am so glad I took the plunge and it really has saved my passion for Funko a little bit. I’m still planning on selling a decent portion of my pops but there are a few which are going to be staying, and I’m leaving a hard stack space available for that Burger redeemable!

I’m still fairly new to NFTs myself so I’m still working on figuring out how I find out exactly how many different designs they made but I do know that there were 8 rarities:

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Series (these are just the rubbish little coins)
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary (redeemable with 1,500 made)
  • Grail (redeemable with 999 made)
  • 1 of 1 (I don’t know how many different ones they made, but so far I have seen 2 for sale and they get listed for crazy money even though they don’t seem to be redeemable – I know its cool to have a 1 of 1 digital collectible, but I’d rather have a 1 of 1,500 Funko pop on my shelf)

There also appear to be 9 different varieties:

  • Original has a red checkered border
  • Blue has a blue checkered border
  • Black is black and white and possibly my favorite variety overall
  • Chocolate refers to the milkshake flavor
  • Vanilla refers to the milkshake flavor
  • Strawberry refers to the milkshake flavor and with 2,500 made this is the rarest of the milkshake variants
  • Bronze is from the 1 of 1 rarity
  • Silver is I assume also from the 1 of 1 variety but there aren’t any listed yet
  • Gold as above is presumably a 1 of 1 variety but with none listed yet

These cards look a lot of fun, they’re high quality and they have a real retro Americana feel to them which I absolutely love. They have absolutely cemented my love for Funko NFTs and having also collected a few other lines in small numbers including Garbage Pail Kids and Street Fighter, I have to say that I think the Funko ones do look by far the best.

I wonder what will be the next drop!

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