Sunday Night Slashers Vol. 11; The Final Destination

Rating: 4 out of 5.

For people not familiar with the franchise, the title for this one is a bit confusing. The Final Destination franchise is made up of 5 movies made from 2000 through to 2011, with the very first one being called Final Destination, followed by Final Destination 2 and Final Destination 3, and the franchise ending with Final Destination 5… Towards the end there though you’ll see there is no Final Destination 4, because it was actually for some reason called The Final Destination instead. So you might see this movie advertised and think oh cool I’ll start with this, the first movie – it’s not… BUT it also really doesn’t matter. The full concept of the film is explained throughout each outing and other than the format of Character dies, it turns out to be a premonition, they save their friends, then they die afterwards, they just very loosely related back to one another, sharing a couple of characters but again explaining what happened last time for the sake of the story anyway.

What I mean is start this series in which ever order you feel like, but considering that this one is usually the most easily accessible from streaming services and it’s a pretty nice entry to the series.

In this particular outing we start off by meeting the main character group of friends enjoying that american past time of watching a bunch of really fast loud cars race forwards while steering very slightly left. I’m not a huge racing fan anyway but Nascar really doesn’t do it for me, so I’m glad it doesn’t take up too much of the movie!

These are meant to be supernatural horror movies and I think they’re not meant to be big on comedy, but this one in particular does actually do a pretty good job of being funny, in the way that only a horror movie can be. This mainly comes from some of the deaths just being so over the top and dramatic (and some times really badly done with effects) that you just cant help but laugh at how the character dies. But that’s not the only comedy with some of the comic relief coming from the characters, with especially Nick Zano as Hunt providing the majority of it. I’m not saying that he could start a comedy career off the back of this movie, but for brain off movie watching for a bit of fun he brings that cliched college frat boy humor you need to just from time to time illicit a Beavis and Butthead style low key giggle from time to time.

The soundtrack for this film is a pretty eclectic one featuring everything from jazz and folk bands through to heavy metal and rock bands via hip hop. Sounds like they’re trying to appeal to everyone… maybe more so for the soundtrack sales rather than the movie going audience! Remember when you used to go out and buy a sound track CD?

For a 2009 movie, the effects in this are ok, and about as good as you could hope to expect from a horror movie of the time, but I wouldn’t go as far as saying that they’re pretty realistic – and I think that adds to the charm of this movie. In my last Sunday night Slasher I wrote about how terrible the effects and acting were in Llamageddon and that it was the case that they really were just bad. In this movie due to the budget available we can see what we mean by a film which is so bad that it’s good. The effects aren’t anything special so they over compensate and make the deaths funny, and REALLY inventive whilst the acting is over-acted and consistently so for all the actors from start to finish. They make a point of making the movie bad to appeal to the b-movie crowd and it’s something they’ve done well for the whole franchise… let’s face it the Final Destination series is known for being fun and dumb not ground breaking and innovative.

I know that generally this film doesn’t get great reviews because it wasn’t as innovative or as original as the rest of the franchise, but to be fair it stopped being an original concept after the first one. What I will say is that yes it’s a predictable concept BUT one thing which they do pretty well, especially as the film goes on is to make some of the deaths a little open to interpretation from the clues in the premonition. They’re not always straight cut with the death some times coming from unexpected angles. They’re definitely still pretty innovative on how they off their characters.

I always say that horror should be fun – that’s my favorite sort of horror movie, so yeah maybe 4 stars is a bit generous in the general scheme of things, but if you want to shut off your mind, munch on some ice cream and drink a hard seltzer (yeah I don’t like beer, what of it) without constantly being distracted by the thought “what the hell is this?” then this is the film for you!

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