Sunday Night Slashers Vol. 10; Llamageddon

Rating: 1 out of 5.

When I first started doing this feature I never said that I will be writing about good films every week… If I did, strap in and please accept my apology, because this thing is absolutely terrible!

You will know that I can fully appreciate a film which is so bad that its good. This usually includes over the top acting done badly for the purpose of looking bad. I’m sorry to the cast but the acting in this film was just plain bad… I say that – the llama actually did a damn fine job. But in all seriousness there genuinely is a big difference between over acting for that cheese effect we know and love from a low budget horror, and people who can’t act. When they stand in the field and the scientists are looking at the rocket powered livestock trailer – yep you read that right – one of them has no idea what he’s meant to be saying… He just clearly doesn’t know his lines.

Special effects and makeup are terrible across the board, I’d say pretty much without exception, and for a film which is only 7 years old, they probably could have done much better. Proof of this is all the bits which are animated – especially the opening sequence! Now that’s a film I want to see! If they remade the whole film using the animation studio who made the first minute or so, I think they’d have an original, world class adult cartoon on their hands.

Moving on to camera work, just like much in this film leaves a lot to be desired for 2 reasons. Firstly rule number 1 of film making is remember when there’s a mirror in front of the camera, we will see the camera man! But then there are those weird face closeup scenes, some of which are genuinely the most horrifying parts of the whole film – especially the sex scenes. Those are some of the most disturbing bits of video I have seen all year and will haunt my dreams for years to come. No one needs to see that many people doing that much with their tongues!

I have to say that for a film which is called Llamageddon and is about a space llama who crashes to earth in his jet powered animal trailer to murder his way through a college party at a farm house, I wasn’t expecting too much. Sadly what I got was even less! Although MASSIVE kudos for the premise… love that creativity!

Don’t get me wrong, I laughed a lot and that’s what I want from a horror film some times… Some good fun and cheese, but I want it to be executed in the right way. Bad but tongue in cheek – this really is just bad and I can’t think of the last time I watched a film quite as rubbish as this one.

Weirdly this is a relatively unpopular opinion and I’m amazed that it has 4.1 out of 10 on IMDb… I think if it hadn’t been for the quite frankly kick ass opening scene I’m not sure I would have even given it a full star.

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