Nerd News: 5 New Funko Sodas INCLUDING Godzilla, Groot & the Mad Hatter

Always like seeing new Funko soda figures get released, and they have just announced the latest 5 which will be hitting shops soon, with none of these particular ones being exclusive to anywhere, and it’s quite a nice diverse bunch covering movies, cartoons and comics, with the most well represented being movies with 3 soda figures; Groot (as the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. version limited to 15,000 wit a little angry chase version), the Mad Hatter (with 12,500 of these Alice in Wonderland figures, including the metallic chase) and Godzilla (as the Godzilla Vs Kong version limited to 12,500 with a glow in the dark version).

The world of comic books is then represented with the rubbish original non-jason-momoa version of Aquaman limited to 12,500 figures with the chase being a metallic one, whilst the cartoons delve in to the Mighty Mouse series with Oil Can Harry limited to 7,500 with a chase whose pose is slightly different which has got people in a bit of a tizzy!

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