Nerd News: 2 New Funko pop Charity Lines for Breast Cancer Research and Rivet

I always like it when Funko release pops which help a charity in some way, and already own the full first line of breast cancer research pops, the frontline workers ones and a couple of others – I think it’s always amazing when Funko use their immense popularity to do work like this and I tip my hat to them… They don’t HAVE to do it. It does annoy me a little when these charity pops are made in to exclusives which not everyone can get hold of as I’d love to support the project by getting the whole line but that can become difficult with exclusive pops… We’ll see how I get on with those!

Anyway let’s start with the line I’m most interested in – the Breast Cancer research one which is supporting a $50,000 donation by Funko which according to their website will fund 1,000 hours of cancer research.

The first line like this was DC line and they’re going down the same route again but rather than 4 pops, this one is made up of 6 pops from the DC Bombshells line, all dressed in Pink. As I said I collect the breast cancer research pops but also collect DC bombshells, so for me this line is absolutely perfect! It features Batwoman, Catwoman, Harley Quinn, Hawkgirl, Supergirl and Wonder Woman.

Even though Hawkgirl isn’t the best of the original line of DC Bombshell pops, I think in this color scheme she might well be my favorite… She’s going to be a target exclusive in the States or FunkoEurope and Forbidden Planet in Europe and the UK, whilst Batwoman is a Funko shop exclusive which will also be sold on FunkoEurope.

Next is a partnership with Rivet to produce co-branded pop figures where (and the details are a little sparse so I’m not 100% how its going to work) a proportion of the sales goes back to the Rivet fund who are able to help distribute this in the form of grants to Gen Z people who are wanting to make a social change in their local community. At the same time of course the co-branding allows them to help spread their message and identity to a wider audience. They have even featured the story of a young change-maker on each box, which is something I always felt was missing from their charity pops – the opportunity to educate with the artwork.

The 3 pops becoming available are Yara Flor, Spock and Spongebob which are available now for pre-order and will be hitting stores in October.

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