It’s been a while since I’ve done an online shop review, which is weird, because that’s where I get the majority of my toys from! I tried a new place just a couple of days ago and the items have already arrived so thought it was time to do another review – especially as it’s a company I’d not heard about before. I think have been going for some time as they have a blog which goes back VERY sporadically to 2013 – 2015 and then suddenly again in 2020…

…Scrap all that wondering, I just found it on their Facebook page – they’ve been going since 2005! So it’s strange that I’d never heard of them.

It may well be because this is a straight up toy shop. You’re not going to find designer vinyl from people like Superplastic or kidrobot here and they don’t stock high end products like Be@rbrick but they do have a few items which I think would appeal to some collectors (especially if you’re collecting contemporary toys). The way I found them was actually not collectible related at all as I was buying my son a replacement 4″ Elsa, and I have to say that for that particular toy they were almost half the price of most of the competition! While I was there I did also get my first finger board, not to collect or play with but just as another little thing to have a go at customizing.

The items arrived really quickly – within 2 days for a standard shipping fee, but over £30 that postage is actually free of charge in the UK, so I can’t complain there at all, and the stuff arrived really well packaged too. The items won’t get damaged during transit, but equally because these are really being sold in to the toy market I feel rather than the collectibles market, I wouldn’t say that the items were exactly factory fresh – I wouldn’t complain about the condition though!

If I was a finger board collector and the packaging come a little curled like it did I probably wouldn’t be over the moon, but there’s really nothing major about the quality.

Between fine quality, really quick shipping and absolutely brilliant prices for the items I got, I don’t think you can really want more from a toy retailer and I’ll certainly buy from them again.

But let’s have a look at their site and products from a collectors perspective to see whether this could be a nice little honey hole for the odd collector!

Whats the website like?

It’s OK, I’ve seen worse but I’ve also definitely seen better. I think that the navigation could do with a bit of improvement as it is hard to get a good overview of what sort of things they sell unless you’re looking down in to specific movie levels or are happy to go through an absolutely massive list. Until i started scrolling through the full movies list I had no idea when ordering that they also did action figures.

If you’re an action figure fan it might not be that easy to stumble across something you want! If you’re a Funko fan, you might have a similar problem as they have 16 Pop Vinyl categories at the moment and they’re a bit random! On the one hand you have categories as diverse as movies or rocks and then you have them as specific as WWE or Sonic the Hedgehog… The latter by the way has no products in it!

Beyond not being the easiest to navigate it does at least function as it should and I didn’t have any problems using it.

How is it for collectors?

As I said, the site is fine and the service is great so I will certainly use it again. I’ll possibly use it from time to time even to buy things like Funko Pops if they had something I really wanted. For figures like Marilyn Monroe and Evel Knievel, brand new at retail they’re going for £9.99 which I think is absolutely a fair price. For common standard pops this is the one price fits all across the board, which puts them on par with Tesco, and I’ve seen the Imperial DC line sitting on their shelves for a long time now at that price… and I don’t think there are many people looking at the DC Bombshells Hawkgirl for £9.99… So prices are fair but nothing to rave about. Selection on the other hand really is no better than what you might expect at Tesco or Asda in my experience.

But it’s not just Funko which toy collectors want for their greedy paws, so some of the other bits which you might be interested in (stock and prices which they have at the time of writing – 18th August 2021) includes:

  • Airfix £6.99 – £24.99
  • Bandai Tamagotchi £14.99 – £17.99
  • Barbie (Fashionistas line) £11.99 – £19.99
  • Barbie (Inspiring Women line) £44.99
  • Disney traditions figurines £17.99 – £79.99
  • Funko Rock Candy figures £9.99 – £11.99
  • Hasbro Transformers action figures £9.99 – £49.99
  • Marvel Legends £9.99 – £49.99
  • Mattel WWE Basic series £9.99
  • Roblox £6.99 – £56.99
  • Tech Deck £3.99 – £39.99

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