Nerd News: FUnko Art Series – Marvel Infinity Stone Saga Edition

As is well documented, I’m not a big fan of the artist series, but it looks to me like they have finally made one which looks pretty good – although it’s technically 6 and it may well be because these look nothing like the rest of the artist series. Funko have put together a 6 pack of figures which come on one big shared base, as an Amazon exclusive to come out on 28th October for $59.99 – you can pre-order yours now!

It features 6 of the Avengers, each coloured to correspond with an infinity stone. The pairings are like this and I have to say that the twitter comments about this have got many a Marvel fans knickers in a twist! What do you think?

  • Thor with the purple power stone
  • Captain America with the blue Tesseract (space stone)
  • Black Widow with the reality stone in red
  • Hawkeye with the orange soul stone
  • Hulk with the green time stone
  • Ironman with the yellow mind stone

I don’t think anyone is going to agree on which stone should have gone where with arguments as varied as linking the stones to parts of the MCU which make sense right through to basing it on the colour of their uniforms! Either way – I’m sure they’ll sell well! They certainly make for a nice bright display piece.

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