Nerd News: The Outer Space Men Action Figures to be Sold Via Wax

Wax is an NFT blockchain service where people are able to buy, sell and trade NFTs, and was recently most made known by being the company which has hosted the Funko NFTs. For a long time I thought that NFTs were and absolute waste of time, which was until I got a few of my own and now I kind of get it! NFTs are a weird hybrid between crypto currency investment and collectibles marketplace, and it gets used for all sorts of different things… with the Outer Space Men action figures being the latest example, and I must say I like this!

The Outer Space Men (produced by the Outer Space Men LLC) is a reboot if you like of the same characters produced way back in 1968 by the Colorforms Company. Now they’re back in NFT form and being launched at 13:00 EST on 19th August only through the WAX website, but these NFTs have a twist.

There will be a total of 1735 NFTs available which will be priced at $251 each, and each of the NFT packs will contain just a single NFT based on this line of retro action figures, with there being 4 variants of different rarities (Cosmic Radiation 65.81% chance, Bluestar 25.46% chance, Infinity Glyos 7.27% chance and Whitestar 1.46% chance). Those whitestar variants of which there are just 5 in the whole set retail on the Outer Space Men website for $999!

Now you might be wondering why these NFTs are so expensive and why each one contains just 1 card! This is where things get a bit more unique because as well as getting that NFT you ALSO get a real world physical action figure which matches that card and will be sent at no extra cost. That seems like a lot of money for something which is essentially a blind bag, but as you can see above there are chances for some really rare figures. However if you want to take that guessing out of the equation there are a set of 6 figures which you can choose the design and buy a specific figure, once again getting the NFT and the physical figure. These however are $351 for which you get a 6 inch soft vinyl Sofubi figure.

To kick things off and check the server strength on 18th August there will be a chance to claim a promo pack on Wax at 16:00 EST.

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