Nerd News: Wax to Release Muhammad Ali Through the Lens NFTs by Christina Jansen

Available from 10th August 2021 Wax will be issuing Through the Lens NFT trading cards as produced by Christina Jansen to celebrate the life and career of legendary boxer Muhammad Ali. This is series 1 of these packs, so there may well be more in the future for the Wax blockchain.

This first series will have 3 different card packs with the classic costing $19.99 and containing 5 NFTs, the photographer pack for $49.99 containing 25 NFTs and the boxing futures charity pack for $9.99 containing one NFT. There will be 3,300 classic packs, 1,700 photographer packs and 1,000 charity packs.

On top of this there is a chance at 1pm EST today (9th August) to claim a free promo pack containing 1 NFT through a discord link.

The cards are split in to 6 different types as below (the gallery shows these different styles in the same order as the list below):

  • Classic (48.23% chance)
  • Negative (32.15% chance)
  • Gallery (15% chance)
  • Photogapher edition (3.74% chance)
  • Championship (0.78% chance)
  • Behind the scenes (0.09% chance)

If you’re lucky enough to get one of the championship cards you’ll also be automatically entered in to a draw for a chance to win 1 of 3 physical prints!

Please note that these are completely digital collectibles and you will need a Wax account to be able to purchase them.

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