Nerd News: Tubbz Celebrate 2nd Birthday with Stranger Things Additions

Today is the second birthday for Tubbz, the cosplaying ducks, and they’re celebrating with a few different things! There’s a new video from the guys at Numskull which shows the history of the brand, which you can see below. They also have a sale going at JustGeek which covers all of their non-pre order Tubbz being available for just $10 / £10 / 10 Eur from today until the 16th August and a brand new line added to their collection – and I’m pretty excited about this one!

Announced today for pre-order are 4 brand new designs for a Stranger Things line and these things look absolutely amazing! There is a Demogorgon, Eleven, Steve Harrington and Jim Hopper. I think it’s a little bit weird that they’ve chosen designs from different seasons, I think there are so many fun costumes in season 3 that we could have had the season 3 Eleven and Hopper too but they all look really nice!

I’m sure there will be more characters added in the future, but for now the Steve figure has to be my absolute favourite! Grab them now from JustGeek.

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