Celebrating 2 Years of Tubbz with my Top 10 Cos-Playing Ducks!

It has been 2 years today since the Tubbz range of cos-playing ducks was released by Numskull, and they’re a range which has taken the collectors market by storm and which I have to say I probably haven’t myself given quite enough air time to! I have done a customization post before and I try to cover most of the releases in my nerd news, but other than that I don’t think I’ve done too much, so today seems like the perfect time to change that!

I’ts not going to be an ultra long post and I’m not going to go through and try to justify my top 10. I chose each of these 10 figures because I think that they are the 10 best looking figures from the whole range so far… Nothing more, nothing less! However I’d love to get your thoughts in the comments. Which are your top Tubbz figures?

These are numbered, but the order is totally random (the order they’re listed on JustGeek actually), I don’t have a number 1 or number 10… But if I did (which low key I guess I do), number 1 would be the Nuka power armor.

  1. Jaws – Bruce
  2. Metal Gear Solid – Genome Soldier
  3. Fallout – Nuka-Cola T-51 Power Armor
  4. Star Trek – Jean-Luc Picard (It was a tough choice between Picard and Kirk)
  5. Ghostbusters – Stay Puft (Burnt Edition)
  6. Rocky – Rocky Balboa
  7. Doom – Slayer
  8. Fallout – Nuka Cola Pin up Girl
  9. DC Comics – Harley Quinn
  10. Borderlands 3 – Moxxi

I think we can all agree that this product range is getting better and better and above anything else is staying as fun now as it was 2 years ago. This line is for collectors, for kids, for duck fanatics and for casual fans of games and films… You don’t need to be a hardcore collector to find a duck these days that is perfect for your taste. I really do think that either as a true toy collector or as a gag gift to someone, these are just as perfect in either situation and that’s a rare product to find!

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