Nerd News: Stranger Things Season 4 Coming in 2022 & teaser Reaction

Netflix have confirmed that the incredibly popular (and let’s face it, absolutely brilliant) Stranger Things will be returning to screens in 2022 and have done so by saying that they are releasing a 30 second teaser clip which goes beyond the 50 second teaser we got in 2020 which suggested (what everyone surely guessed anyway) that Hopper would re-surface over in Russia! In case you missed it the first time around, here is that teaser which I think they had to release to stop the crying about Hopper from anyone who didn’t foresee that of course they didn’t kill off Hell Boy!

That trailer dropped just a couple of hours ago on the Stranger Things YouTube channel… I’ll give you 30 second to go an watch it before we have a chat about it! I’m gonna do the same as I haven’t seen it yet either!

Well that was annoying right!? It’s not really a 30 second teaser, as the first 19 seconds are just tiny little re-cap clips (although all reminding us why this show is so damn good) and we then get hit with 11 seconds of teaser… that’s taking the terms teaser to a whole new extreme! Well the final few second are just the logo, so 7 seconds of teaser so we can only assume so much!

It does of course confirm that Hopper is still there and this time he’s got a sweet flame thrower (and has swapped his loud shirt for the dirtiest retro bomber jacket I’ve ever seen) and that 11 seems to get in to some trouble with the feds… They definitely look like feds – especially that guy with the mustache! Of course we know from the end of the last season that the group gets split up, but it looks like it gets split up even further and that Eleven maybe gets separated from the group entirely. The rest of the gang are however still together hanging out in creepy houses!

Judging by the cheerleaders I’m guessing that we’re still in school (I’m not sure how much further in the future this is set) and that we will possibly get some more of that school drama which we know from this series and which helps to add just a hint of realism.

There’s fire, there’s water, glass cells and of course… possibly most importantly they’re riding bikes and playing D’n’D!

Ok so it wasn’t much of a teaser but what’s most important is that the tagline of course confirms that Stranger Things season 4 will return in 2022.

Can’t wait!

2 thoughts on “Nerd News: Stranger Things Season 4 Coming in 2022 & teaser Reaction

    1. Yeah I agree on this one in particular, especially as the Russians were already working in Russia, so what ever they were doing should be real advanced by now… cause they’re youthful actors the timeline must have moved on a fair bit – would look weird otherwise.

      I read that its not even like covid is to blame, but that the delay is a creative decision as they’re making it the most ambitious season so far.

      Never the less… REALLY love this show and am looking forward to this next season.

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