Pokemon Trading Card Pokeball Tin

I had seen a few of these get opened on YouTube and a handful on Tik Tok too, and I recall a lot of people saying that the shape of the balls really messes with the quality of the cards. I have to admit that when I first opened this tin I had a feeling it was really going to be like that as the corners were really curled up. But to my relief it was just the packaging itself and once opened, the cards themselves were in perfect condition!

So what do you get inside one of these Pokeball tins:

  • 3 Trading card booster packs (in my case it was 1 pack of XY Steam Siege and 2 packs of Sun and Moon with one of those being Guardians Rising)
  • 1 Token

So that’s it – it’s really just a fancy way of packing 3 booster packs and work out at about the same price as you’d expect to pay for 3 booster packs anyway – although if you wanted 3 packs dating back to 2015 and 2017 like these do then you might actually have to pay a couple of pounds more.

The tin itself is just a cheap little tin but I guess it would look ok on display – I wouldn’t necessarily use it for storing Pokémon cards etc, because once out of the wrappers I don’t imagine they sit very securely in there. Other than that they do look quite nice.

I can’t say too much more about these to be honest – they seem much more interesting than they actually are, although I’ll probably get some more at some point because I actually did alright with my one pulling an Espeon GX full art from the Sun and Moon pack (which basically paid for the whole tin right there) as well as a Kommo-o GX from the Guardians Rising pack.

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