How Many Pokemon Are There?

Let me just jump in real quick before we start – I know that some of the purists out there may argue that this set of articles has no business being in the Trading Card Reference List section, especially because we start our journey in generation I with the video games, not the trading card game. However I do think that it fits in better here than general ramblings… Even though it’s not necessarily specifically about the trading cards, and arguably it might not be super helpful for the TCG, but it still gives a nice bit of background info for… Well, all of the Pokemon.

Logging every Pokemon would be a tricky task if it wasn’t for the in-game electronic device known as the National PokeDex which is a device used for logging and identifying every species of Pokemon in the game. The information below all comes from this handy device and lets us know fairly accurately how many Pokemon species there are as they each get assigned their own PokeDex number. Although the question of how many Pokemon there actually are isn’t quite as simple as that and is some times contested as there are various Pokemon which also have a few different variations… I think the PokeDex is the most accurate way to measure the number of distinct species though!

How many Pokemon are there?

The current count according to the National PokeDex as of 27th June 2021 is 898 however if you added on variants such as Mega and Gigantamax evolutions, Regional forms such as Alolan & Galarian, and more too… that number rises to 1,015 plus of course one extra Pokemon in the form of the MissingNo glitch in Generation I if you wanted to count that one making the full number of Pokemon in the PokeDex 1,016!

List of every Pokemon by Generation:

Please click on the generation titles below to see a full list of every Pokemon in that generation!

GenerationNew SpeciesRegional FormsSpecial EvolutionsOther PokemonTotal For GenerationRunning Total
Generation I151001 (MissingNo)152152
Generation II 100000100252
Generation III 135000135387
Generation IV 107000107494
Generation V 156000156650
Generation VI 72046 (Mega)2 (Primal)120770
Generation VII 8818 (Alolan)00106876
Generation VIII 8919 (Galarian)32 (Gigantamax)01401,016

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