Nerd News: KidRobot SDCC 2021 Virtual Con Exclusives

For the 2021 SDCC Virtual Con, KidRobot have made 3 new products available for pre-order now through their website! These are… a Backstab Smorkin’ Labbit 14″ plush designed by Frank Kozik which features a removable knife you can plunge in it’s back, and as distrubing enough as the butt hole feature of the labbit is anyway, it just feels even weirder when its a plush and it’s an actual hole! This labbit special edition in black is limited to 1,000 pieces world wide for just $34.99, ready to be shipped out in the last quarter of the year!

Secondly there’s a KidRobot x Elton John “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” pink satin jacket. This for me feels like such an incredibly random thing for KidRobot to decide to work on! I would say but I guess it’s cool… But is it? It’s not for me I must say! It’s limited to 900 world wide and priced at $150.

Finally for $100 and limited to just 500 pieces world wide is this Orion edition 8″ of the “The Stars My Destination” astronaut Dunny, which I think is just such a nice looking figure – the details on these astronaut Dunnys is out of the world… excuse the pun! Even the box for this figure is just insanely gorgeous!

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