Nerd News: Walmart Collector Con 2021 Announcements

Walmart Collector Con is under way for 2021 and they’ve got a few exclusives and special deals to celebrate the event. With this article I’m mainly going to be looking at those new and / or exclusive items, with this being a living breathing post which I’ll keep going back to and updating as more items are revealed. So bookmark this for the next few days and keep checking back to see what they’ve got coming out! There are a lot of new products coming out during this event and things are being announced in all sorts of different corners of the internet so the below is going to be a selection of announcements as and when I am able to find them myself!

To shop the full range as it is released head on over to the Walmart website to see everything in one place!

22nd July Walmart Collector Con 2021 Reveals

We might as well start with the Funko products right? With their single pops they’ve got a jumbo Michaelangelo from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with a box of doughnuts, She-Ra riding Swiftwind as a Pop ride and a giant version of the Michael Jordan Hardwood classics line in the team USA jersey. I mention single pops because they also have a 4 pack of Deadpool pops (although not made up of 4 new figures) featuring Deadpool in a cake, dressed as a dinosaur, being a Roman and dancing the Flamenco.

It’s not just pops from Funko though as they’ve also revealed a Masters of the Universe coin purse and pin 4 pack.

A couple of cool looking VHS display type figures are coming out featuring action figures with accessories in cases which look like the old VHS tape cases, with the Crow and the Rocketeer having so far been announced for $39.96 each. They are really cool figures with a cool concept but I have to say I’m not a big fan that you can see in to the packaging without opening it. If you like the Rocketeer but don’t fancy the VHS style display or that traditional action figure feel to the figure itself, they also revealed a QMx style figure which is far more stylized and at $29.95 cheaper too… Personally I prefer this one.

If you’re looking for something a little more in the prop replica end of the collectibles spectrum then they didn’t disappoint on the first day with that side either as they showed off this gorgeous 6 inch replica Marvel Museum Iron Man’s Mark 1 Arc Reactor for a cool $69.95!

They also finished with teasing this blanked out image which wasn’t fooling anyone along with the words “Our #WalmartCollectorCon party is just getting started! Party popper We’re dropping a bunch of awesome must-have exclusives tomorrow, including this @OriginalFunko featuring a thunderous high-flying duo. Any guesses?” Which of course is full of not so subtle hints to it being Party Thor with Mjolnir with the following picture also widely being circulated on Twitter by users such as @CoachCates5 (although I don’t have an actual credit for the original), even saying that the day before they were actually already able to pre-order it from Walmart with the image and text having subsequently been removed from the site ready to be “officially revealed” soon!

Star Wars also got a healthy new dose of vintage collection figures from the various animated series including a battle droid, Barriss Offee, Vice Admiral Rampart, Luminara Unduli, Luke Skywalker, Aayla Secura and 2 ARC troopers.

23rd July Walmart Collector Con 2021 Reveals

For the Power Rangers fans out there, especially for those who like their retro toy ranges comes the Hasbro Retro-Morphin Ninjor Fliphead Action Figure which is only $12.93. Staying on track with the retro theme, hasbro are also backing up their retro G. I. Joe range with new figures for Lonzo “Stalker” Wilkinson, Robert “Grunt” Graves, Cobra Trooper, Cobra Officer & a Cobra HISS III vehicle complete with a Rip It figure and all at the same price as that Power Ranger (apart from the vehicle which is $24.86)!

Kind of in a retro theme just because we know them from our childhoods, but very much in a modern style are 2 new figures from the Hasbro Transformers line in the form of Transformers R.E.D. (Robot Enhanced Design) Optimus Primal and Reformatting Megatron Non-Converting Figures. These might not transform like you’d want, but those mashup designs giving them a different look to usual just look amazing, especially at 6 inches tall, and with a huge number of points of articulation or things which can be added / removed.

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