Nerd News: Mezco Con 2021 Summer Edition High Roller Box

Mezco have released their high roller box as part of the summer edition Mezco con for 2021 and it looks absolutely incredible – I’d go as far as saying that I think it’s possibly the nicest box they’ve produced and if you want to get your hands on it you best get in there quickly and join that waiting list on the Mezco website. These are due to ship out in September to October of this year and the pre-order has already sold out, so keep your fingers crossed that some people pull out!

it even comes in an awesome looking box!

This box contains Secret Agent Gomez related goodies from his trip to the infamous Casino La Cucaracha where he’s joined by some other familiar faces… Well actually their faces are kinda missing. Here’s what you get, you’ll see what I mean:

5 Points Pink Skulls Chaos Club Set

You’ll get a trio of pink skulls in a box set complete with a skullcrusher bat, Molotov cocktail, spray paint can and more. This box set also includes a play set to be assembled featuring wall to wall artwork of the Pink Skulls Club Clubhouse.

Casino La Cucaracha Poker Chip

This celebration of the second Mezco con summer edition is an exclusive lucky poker chip… what else do you want from it?

Casino La Cucaracha Playing Cards

This full set of playing cards includes a joker and cut card, featuring exclusive artwork, all packaged in a neat tin.

Casiona La Cucaracha Sticker Pack

Nice size stickers, with a pack of 5 altogether.

One:12 Collective Secret Agent Gomez

The big boy… The one you want to know more about! Gomez comes with a 17cm height and over 30 points of articulation. He’s packed with a display base, adjustable posing post and of course comes in a very cool looking commemorative tin. This guy is PACKED with accessories though!

  • 16… uh yeah you heard right… 16! interchangeable hands
  • 2 head portraits
  • Dinner jacket, dress shirt, slacks, removable bow tie and swanky shoes with a sliding dagger in the right one
  • A boom boom boom box on a shoulder strap which is hiding a minibar, rocket launcher and access panel
  • Modular hover board
  • Sliding missile launcher
  • 2 Danger blades
  • 2 Rocket thrusters
  • 2 exhaust fx
  • 2 removable machine guns
  • 2 removable missile launchers
  • Infra red sunglasses
  • Weaponized wristwatch
  • A handgun with extendable barrel and removable magazine
  • A handgun with removable silencer and 2 removable magazines
  • 2 Doom cocktail grenades
  • 3 gun blast fx
  • 2 gun smoke fx
  • 2 black martinis

Have you ever seen a figure like this with more accessories!

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