Nerd News: Funko Release New Wave of Soda Figures Including Beast Boy and the Monopoly Man

Funko have just announced… Well actually I should say Brian Mariotti has just helped Funko announce… I really don’t know why he always has to be the one who announces some of these soda figures and then gets Funko to retweet them. It really shouldn’t matter but I just find it weird like its an opportunity for him to get his personal account more popular. Great way to make friends I guess… I’ve got a feeling I’m never going to be invited to go and see Funko am I?

Anyway back to the actual news!

A new wave of Soda figures has just been announced coming later this year and there are a few really cool ones!

Firstly because I always do love their stuff for this character, there’s rat fink with the normal version being pink and then a silver chase version, with the full set being limited to a coll 5,000 pieces.

Next we’ll check out the anime and cartoon characters. Disney brings us Maleficent limited to a massive 15,000 with a chase version where she has some green flames behind her while Nickelodeon bring us a sort of some time nuisance, some time ally of the turtles from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in the form of Casey Jones with a run of 10,000 pieces with a really cool alternate color for the chase. Staying with the super heroes we have DC represented with Teen Titans Go and Beast boy limited to 10,000 with a metallic chase. I love the soda figures but I have to say that for me, this thing looks terrible! I mean it’s a cool figure, but only if you didn’t tell me that this is supposed to be Beast boy!

Anime wise we have have Kirito from Sword Art Online at 12,000 pieces with a chase version holding a second sword and Naruto Shippuden bringing us Naruto Uzumaki limited to 12,500 where the chase is totally yellow.

Finally, and this guy looks cool no matter what form you put him in, but as a Soda he works especially well! It’s the Monopoly man who is limited to 10,000 and has a glow in the dark chase version.

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