Nerd News: Mezco 5 Points XL Mothra Coming Soon

Based on the 1964 film Mothra vs Godzilla comes this impressive 9 inch wingspan beast… I mean I call it a beast – it’s a pretty cute and pretty looking beast to be fair, but it’s impressive nevertheless… And it even comes with a flocked body and an articulated head and wings. But Mothra isn’t coming alone, it also comes in a pack complete with the Shobijin twins with their own flocked shoulder capes. This is a really cool looking nostalgia set!

The 5 Points range has something for people on a bit more of a tight budget than compared to the One:12 collection, so at $60 this triple pack is looking pretty nice! The Shobijin twins even come with 2 different sets of hands and 2 different sets of heads, along with display bases and of course a collector friendly box made to look like a train case from the movie.

It’s due to ship in March to May of next year and you can pre-order it here.

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