Nerd News: Warhammer Reveal Age of Sigmar Kruelboyz Shaman; Gopsprakk, the Mouth of Mork

I’m still learning about Warhammer and I have to say that when ever they release new characters like this, it really does make it incredibly easy to fall in love with the company and fall down that rabbit hole! The lore which comes with these characters is absolutely astounding and the Kruelboyz are an absolutely ruthless bunch with this guy using his ability to use any language, include those which others can’t to get ahead.

Gobsprakk sits on a throne atop his corpse-rippa vulcha called Killabeak – you have to love those no nonsense names right! This vulcha is really powerful in itself giving it deadly combat power using its physical prowess to its full advantage, while Gobsprakk of course is an incredibly power magician, wielding a daemons hand on top of his staff.

He’s a specialist in hunting and destrpoying magicians and is very powerful when it comes to his ability to counter their powers. Shown by his assortment of trophies which go far beyond that daemon hand. One of his favourite tricks is to summon tapewyrm squigs in the guts of his opponents. Some times this helps him over come their magic… some times it straight up blows them up!

He’s even forged an alliance with god of earthquakes, Kragnos.

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