Nerd News: Metal Gear Solid, Return to Shadow Moses Tubbz Figures from Numskull

The latest Tubbz cosplaying duck figures to join this seriously fun range by Numskull comes in the form of Gray Fox and The Next-Generations Special Forces Genome Soldiers from Metal Gear Solid; Return to Shadow Moses, and I have to say that the Genome soldier is by far one of the coolest ducks they’ve made so far, and the details on it are insane! Just check out that balaclava!

I have to admit that I never got on much with the Metal gear Solid franchise, although I only tried it a couple of times, so I know nothing about these 2 characters… So I’m gonna put my trust in the Numskull press release which describes them as:

Genome Soldiers

The Next Generation Special Forces Genome Soldiers, part of the FOXHOUND unit, are a familiar foe on Shadow Moses Island. Equipped with ‘five-five sixers and pineapples’ these are soldiers you don’t want to cross, even in duck form!

The Genome Soldiers also come equipped with a removable accessory, the ‘Alert’ symbol! This trademark symbol is synonymous with the Metal Gear Solid franchise and it can be optionally clipped on the TUBBZ or removed.

Gray Fox

Mercenary and former agent of U.S. Special Forces Unit FOXHOUND, Gray Fox is the only soldier to achieve the codename ‘Fox’, showcasing his talent on the battlefield!

They’re available to pre-order now from JustGeek.

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