Halloween Kills Trailer Erection… I Mean Reaction

So that title is meant to be a joke, but let’s get real for a second, this trailer is one of the most exciting trailers I have seen for a long time! My wife has been bugging me to watch it and I have no idea why it took me so long, but I can’t explain when I was last this excited for it to finally be October! I love everything about Halloween – the holiday and the movie franchise… Hell, I even love the Rob Zombie remakes which everyone else seems to have such a problem with. But this thing has really got my blood pumping!

We pick up where the last film left off, and we pick up with the same cast, but it seems like as the film progresses we get a cast… a lynch mob that gets bigger, and bigger and bigger, for something we’ve not seen in this franchise yet. Yes, everyone knows who Michael Myers is, even in the films themselves, but when did we last see such a reaction to his existence in the Halloween universe?

The reason why that answer is never and why I am so excited for this film… as sick as it may be, but that’s why we love this stuff, is because we have never seen a body count like this!

Halloween kills is bang on the money with the film title – in the trailer alone I must have counted at least 11 kills and there were more bodies I couldn’t quite keep track of (although some I know from the film before this)… They won’t have shown every one either so there’s a lot to process, death wise in this film! Also gone are the days that he sticks to his trusty kitchen knife… That light tube stabbed in the throat… WHAT!

I can’t say that there was a single thing I saw in that trailer I didn’t like… I even loved the music they put over the top of it.

Come on October so that i can stuff some Halloween in my eyes!

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