Nerd News: Funkon 2021 Reveals

Funkon 2021 is on and it’s replacing the summer comic con season which, for this year is still not even close to what it should be, although depending on where in the world you are, there are to occasional small cons popping up here and there again. I actually spoke very recently about the sheer number of releases Funko have been revealing lately and the concerns I have about them burning themselves out – in fact it was the subject of the very first Figures n Films podcast… And here I am just 2 weeks later and there is another week of announcements in the form of Funkon.

Well it can’t be helped and there are plenty of you out there who are lapping these up, so here is what has been happening throughout Funkon!

As the week carries on I’ll be growing this article each day with the releases from that day so check back each day for more!

Day 1

The first day was kicked off with 4 new t-shirts and some Fundays mystery boxes, because even though it’s just virtual, they are bringing back the Funko Fundays this year. These mystery boxes have a Fundays pop box which contains 3 Funko pops, exclusive in limited numbers to the box, the team theme sets which include 1 pop, 1 pin, 1 bandana (why?) and a thunderstick… Your guess is as good as mine! Then there is finally also a Funko pop 2 pack and a pop mascot.

Staying away from pops for just a second longer, Loungefly announced 2 new bags based on Doctor Strange and Tangled.

Of course you’re all here for the pops, so a quick run down is Walrus with a Buddy and the White Rabbit (in black light version), all from Alice in Wonderland, Demongo from Samurai Jack, a McDonald’s Chicken Nugget band master, Filibuster Leslie from Parks and Recreation, Kronk as a scout leader from the Emperor’s New Groove, Mooby the cow from Jay and Silent Bob and finally T.D.K. from the Suicide Squad.

Day 2

First of all, let me kick off day 2 with another Loungefly back pack, with this particular one being a Pokemon themed bag. Then, the only other non-Pop item was a new Soda based on the Kaboom Cereal with 3,000 being released, including the alternate colour chase version.

As for the pops, we have from the Star Wars universe Rey from Across the Galaxy & an Imperial Commando from Rebels. Moving on from Star Wars there is Capwolf from Year of the Shield, Kelloggs Smack’s Seal for the ad icons range, Deathstroke & Martian Manhunter from the DC Imperial Palace world, Cobra B.A.T from G. I. Joe and 4 new Tokidoki figures.

Day 3

Day 3 had some pretty nice reveals and there was a nice bit of variety too! I think for me, the favorite has to be the Krash bandicoot in the mask armor and whilst I do think that usually the diamond edition pops are a cheap cop-out at a special edition by adding some glitter, the Squirtle and Bulbasaur do look nice as a diamond edition. Staying on the topic of pops there is also a new Harry Potter flying on a broom with the winged key, the DC heroes range has had white lantern Sinestro, Doctor Fate, Nubia, Stargirl and Batman with a scythe added. I’m not that well versed in DC lore, but these 5 look like pops in cosplay as those characters to me! Xanathar from Dungeons and Dragons has also been added with a die and finally Toy Tokyo get exclusive limited editions from the Masters of the Universe range in the form of Whiplash and Roboto (who looks AMAZING).

It wasn’t all pops today though as Prince Adam (limited to 18,000 with a metallic chase) and Webstor (limited to 5,000 with a glow in the dark chase) from Masters of the Universe getting soda figures.

Loungefly also got in on the action with 3 new back packs. The first is an exclusive bundle featuring the Ultimate Princess Snow White pop and pin along with this new mini backpack bag. Then there are also just bags on their own for Ghostbusters (based on their proton pack and the first Loungefly bag I’d genuinely want to use) and a mini backpack for Hello Kitty and Friends

Day 4

With the exception of 2 new bags from Loungefly (one featuring both C3PO and R2-D2 and the other one featuring Jack Skellington and Zero), all the announcements today have been pop figures:

The Simpsons line has grown with the addition of a belly dancing Homer whilst Disney has the biggest impact of the day with Mickey as one of the three musketeers, It’s a Small World heading to Mexico and the wardrobe from Beauty and the Beast. The final cartoon of the day i Danger Mouse… I know Transformers can come in cartoon form too but Danger Mouse is purely cartoon. The latest Transformer though is shockwave and we finish off the day with Anthony and joe – the Russo Brothers.

Day 5

The 5th day has been a bit of a mixed bag but there are some very exciting announcements coming out of it at the end. I’m going to start with the pops because the most exciting and anticipated reveal for me is that Blade! I think it even feels like an older pop in the way they sculpted this. He’s joined by Black Noir from the Boys, the Falcon, Stanley Hudson as a samurai in the Office, Fatgum & Gang Orca from My Hero Academia, and finally that incredible looking figure of the Rocketeer.

An odd one out amongst the pops is that jumbo galactus with a detachable silver surfer.

Other non pop items are a beast bag, Thor soda figure with a 15,000 edition and black light style chase, along with a new Iron man Marvel Battleworld travel portal pack.

Finally… And I thought we were over this Funko… Didn’t we speak about this at the start of the week! Funko is a company which is growing super fast, and judging by some of their most recent announcements and decisions maybe they’re struggling to keep up! So why go and mess it up with yet again another completely different product type and line. I’m sorry guys but we really don’t need you to start creating diecast models. Yes that’s right, they’ve announced a new die cast model of Captain America – such a pointless new adventure.

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