Nerd News: Secret Cinema Bridgerton Tickets on Sale Now!

Secret Cinema and Fever are bringing the Netflix world of Bridgerton to London at the end of the Year. Get ready to join this immersive experience in November of this year, somewhere in Zone 4 of the London TFL map in an indoor ballroom – they’re making it sounds incredible, although not really my kind of thing. I have to say that having been to the Stranger Things event, the last time they teamed up with Netflix it was pretty damn stunning!

There is an over 18s requirement and there are 2 different ticket types.

The standard entry gives you normal entry to the 3 hour immersive experiences including pre event online experiences and a bespoke character backstory with a quest for the evening. One piece of advice I will give is that you make use of this and get in to character!

Then there is a VIP admission which gives you fast track entry to the event to maximize your time in the 3 hour world, the same pre party backstory creation and experiences online but also some extra exclusive story lines, content, some food & 2 drinks as well as access to the VIP area and cloakroom.

These events will run from Tuesday to Fridays at 6:30pm, Sundays at 5:00pm and on Saturdays there will be 2 shows, one at 2:00pm and one at 7:00pm.

The story line description which Secret Cinema have given is as follows:

“Dearest Readers,
At last, the social season is upon us! It is with great pleasure and much excitement this author shares the news of a most anticipated soirée arriving in our fair city this Autumn. Ladies and gentlemen, do not tarry, for this is your opportunity to waltz your way into high society, make use of those dance cards, and find somebody to burn for. This 3-hour immersive affair will see you wine and dine with esteemed members of the Ton as you partake in an evening of music, mingling, and perhaps other less-refined activities… Have no fear, gentle reader. Yours truly shall attend and every transgression will be diligently recorded. Because, whilst you might not be able to spot me in the crowd, I shall most definitely keep an eye on you… Yours Truly, Lady Whistledown.”

Tickets are available here now, but hurry they’re going fast!

Prices seem to start as low as £39 for standard entry and £89 for VIP tickets, however they do increase depending on the date you select, running up to £79 for standard and £155 for VIP on Fridays.

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