Nerd News: The First Wave of Märklin Message Wagons Sells Out Right Away

I was a bit slow on this one which is a real shame as this is a REALLY nice set of products, but the good news is that the first wave which already sold out well within a couple of days of pre-order release is just the first in a series. I’ve got my fingers crossed and eyes peeled to see what they bring next. It’s going to be hard to top this first release but it’s a damn good place to start!

The first release of their Message Wagon line of train cars is made up of 2 models – the first an H0 gauge car (€49.99) and the second an 0 gauge car (€399.99), with both of these being commercial wagons. They’re both red with the same design on them, just that the size of course is very different.

This first run had the theme of Keith Harring which is just an amazing place to start, especially when painting a train. I know Harring wasn’t know as a big train car graffiti artist but that street art style definitely fits the brief and he did used to paint in subway stations after all.

Check out their website for more details, to see these absolute beauties (which even come in a gorgeous box, an artist biography and certificate of authenticity) and to sign up to see what they’re bringing out next!

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