Nerd News: The Suicide Squad Merchandise from Numskull

To celebrate the upcoming release of The Suicide Squad, Numskull have put together a new package of merchandise items for the movie and if you’re a Suicide Squad fan you’ll probably find something to your liking in this bunch. All of the following items are available now for pre-order from Just Geek.


There’s not a huge variety in this range yet (hopefully they’ll be looking to expand it, because what they do have looks great) but for starters there is one King Shark t-shirt along with 2 snap back caps, one for Harley Quinn and one for Task Force X.


Numskull are known for bringing out some pretty sweet pins over the years, and this collection is no different. I’ve always been a fan of how they present their Fallout pins, but this is even better! The set of 18 metal pins features designs nodding towards Harley Quinn, the franchise as a whole, Bloodsport, Killer Shark, Javelin, Polka Dot Man, Captain Boomerang and more. They’re displayed in a collectors case as colorful as the movie and characters.

Gaming Locker

This is one which was a bit unexpected but it does look cool if you want something for your gaming setup. This little locker helps you to organise up to 4 controllers, a set of headphones and 10 games / movie cases, with a little random item drawer at the bottom too!

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