Nerd News: Funko Popapalooza 2021 Releases

This year Funko have decided to put on yet another huge announcement event, this time focusing on music. There aren’t enough music pops out there in my opinion but Funko are releasing so many products at the moment, is another big event like this what we need right now, with Funkoween in May still very much in our memories! However, this event has been going on and there are a lot of announcements coming out of it, so here they are… This page may well change as more get announced!

I want to start with one I just don’t understand. Boyz II Men…

Let that sink in for a minute… Who out there is asking for Boyz II Men pops? What ever, they’re here and you can pre-order Wanya Morris, Nathan Morris and Shawn Stockman now!

From the past of pop groups there is a second group, this time a girl group, who are far more relevant than Boyz II Men in my eyes. TLC were a lot more influential with their style and their memory has lived on far better than the still some times kind of active Boyz II Men. These new versions of T-Boz, Chilli and Left Eye really are nice looking pops anyway!

There are going to be 4 new Pop Albums coming including Notorious BIG actually getting his second release in the series as they focus on the album “Life After Death” whilst Ozzy also kinda gets his second go in the list. This time around it is “Diary of a Madman” by Ozzy Osbourne whilst the first time was as part of Black Sabbath. Keeping on the theme of old school rockers, the king, Elvis is getting his own pop version of the “Pure Gold” album. Finally Ghost have their first album join the range with “Opus Eponymous”, although this is a Hot Topic exclusive.

Next a few groups who fit nice and neatly in to the alternative music scene but also have a huge mainstream following we have normal pop figures for Pearl Jam in a deluxe 5 pop multi pack available from the Pearl Jam website, Green Day (featuring all three members, Tre Cool, Mike Dirnt and Billie Joe) and Twenty One Pilots (featuring both Joshua Dun and Tyler Joseph as they looked in the Blurryface video).

Another group making a big splash at the event is BTS with all 7 members getting individual pops, individual pocket pop key chains and a 7 pop multi pack from Walmart, although it’ll be interesting to see how well that box holds up to the hands of time! It’s a bit frustrating to see all 7 of these in one hit and yet we still have just 3 members of Slipknot.

Speaking of Slipknot only being partially represented I have to say that it is AMAZING to see Johnathan Davis get a pop – well deserved and I will certainly get it… The rest of Korn would be lovely too though!

Finishing off with a few more individuals we have DJ Khaled who everyone seems to be quite excited about, in particular because they’ve put such great detail in to his shoes, which I have been informed are Jordan 3s… Feel free to correct me sneaker heads! Joining him is someone a little more old school with 4 different variations of John Lennon including the common, an Entertainment Earth grey one with swirly shades (which looks amazing), a Funko shop exclusive in a long jacket and scarf and then a black and white version of this as a chase. Also fitting in with that pyschedelic era alongside Lennon is Jimi Hendrix with a common, an alternative Funko exclusive version and finally a Funko exclusive black light figure which is possibly my favourite release from this whole event – possibly this year… Love it!

And we’re of course going to close out this article and the Popapalooza 2021 event with 2 new common Eddie figures for Iron Maiden, with a chase version of one.

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