Sunday Night Slashers Vol. 3: The Cabin in the Woods

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Ok ok, so I’m a couple of weeks late with this one and I do apologise! Not the best start to this series for which I have at least 50 installments planned is it! I have been on vacation for a few weeks and as it’s been some time away with a toddler, it didn’t leave much room for sitting down with a good horror movie, however as I write this I have just finished the long drive home and sat down to unwind with this cracker of a horror jumble! And boy is it a jumble from back in 2011! This movie has no real idea what it is!

On the surface it looks like some kind of weird mixture between Evil Dead (I mean the location is uncanny) and the Truman Show, although I always wish that they’d keep that bit a little more under wraps for your first outing with this film rather than hinting strongly at it in the first 5 minutes and then flat out confirming it after just 10. But of course it’s not quite as simple as that when you delve a little deeper, and by the time you get to the end it has touched base with just about every horror cliché and genre you can possibly conjure up and then some you’d never even dreamed of… it features some pretty sweet characters! Although most of them are just a version of other horror monsters. You’ll get little homages to Hellraiser, the whole Warewolf genre, Dracula, Ju-On, mermaids, zombies, ghosts and so much more, all in a literal flood of blood and guts!

The Cabin in the Woods is by no means a ground breaking piece of cinematic history – it’s not genre defining and I wouldn’t even go as far as calling it all that original, but what it is, is fun!

What more can you ask for from a horror flick?

Horror is escapism at its purest form and this film pretty much sums it up, even going as far as showing us some of the people who watch the horror unfold in front of them. If you wanted to pigeon hole this one, it’s certainly most well known as a comedy horror, and as far as comedy horrors go it does a nice job of it. You are going to laugh at it and with it in equal measures but you’re also going to remember that you’re watching a pretty nice horror movie because it really doesn’t get as dumb as films like Scary Movie or the Walking Deceased… It doesn’t try to cover poor writing or unoriginal ideas behind silliness. It really delivers what you’d actually expect from a fun Joss Wheddon film. Where the comedy comes from execution and wise cracks from the cast.

That cast by the way does a nice job of delivering the movie!

It’s funny to go back and see Chris Hemsworth back then in his first handful of films, and it’s easy to forget that actually this was from around the same time that we were introduced to him as Thor. In a funny way it shows that he’s actually got a pretty nice range as an actor and helps to bring his trademark wit to the role. While the cast is made up of a suitable number of relatively unknown actors (you know that perfect bunch for a little horror movie), its also nice to see Sigourney Weaver pop her head in for a minute or two.

You know a score of 3.5 stars might seem a little short because at the end of the day what I want from horror is to have fun and enjoy it… This film delivers that without any problems what so ever… I just think that it could have done with a bit more mystery surrounding the setup and I always think that the hillbilly killer zombie family could have been that little bit better!

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