Nerd News: Funko Pop Ad Icons – Pan Am Stewardesses

After the recent announcement of that Ad Icons Pan Am stewardess Funko soda figure (which by the way is very cool), they have now also announced a group of 4 Funko pops based on the stewardesses in their iconic uniforms. These are really cool looking figures with 4 different female variations. There are 2 with black hair, 1 with blonde hair and 1 with brown hair, and there are also different skin colors and eye makeup to represent different races. Personally I think it would have been cool to see a red haired one rather than 2 black haired ones as they were changing things up, but they’re nice never the less.

They’re a nice style of pop and even though I have no interest in Pan Am merchandise I can see these ending up in my collection.

These are available to pre-order now from various retailers with a shipping date of around September of this year, with the exception of the brown haired one which is a Funko shop exclusive.

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