Nerd News: The Fast & The Furious Highway Heist Funko Board Game

Funko over the past year or so have been getting their fingers in more and more card and board game pies, and this latest game by Prospero Hall is the newest one like that for them. As always their games are based on various pop culture franchises with this one being matched with the high octane and high speed thrills of the Fast and Furious franchise… It will be interesting to see how a car racing / action / crime franchise works as a low tech board game.

From the pictures it looks like you have to (in a co-op style) work together with a number of cars to work across 6 lanes of traffic and what looks like 12 car lengths of game board to perform a heist on one of 3 scenarios including a lorry heist, tank battle and helicopter take down. As well as various fmailiar looking scenarios all your favourite characters from the franchise are present too.

It looks like an interesting concept and is available now from target for $29.99.

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