Nerd News: 26th June Sees the First Ever LegoCon

You might have seen the odd little convention or local event called Lego Con in your area, however there has never actually been a dedicated Lego Con, run by Lego themselves. With the way the last couple of years have been, face to face trade shows etc have just not been possible so a lot of companies have had to be a bit more creative and digital with their product launches this year… That’s exactly what Lego are doing here!

To join in with the fun you just need to log on to the Lego Con website at convention time and they’ll be streaming the whole thing there and then live… although don’t worry if you miss it, they will be uploading a recording. Join them here at these times:

London 5pm

New York 12pm

Los Angeles 9am

During this event, which will only last around 1 and a half hours you will join the Lego team in Billund, Denmark (the home of the company) to bring you the latest news including set reveals, Q and As and some very special guests, although they are keeping things like guests (although they do have an actual astronaut there) and an actual time table very close to their chests – they want this thing to remain a surprise! On top of this you’ll be able to vote on stuff (again no reveals but maybe new sets or maybe their guests will have build offs), share your own builds throughout the show and connect with the wider Lego network.

They have put some logos in their promo video so we MIGHT get to see some news about Lego in relation to Harry Potter, Minecraft, Star Wars, Lego Technic, Lego dots and their Super Mario game.

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