Nerd News: Funko x Sanrio (Hello Kitty) Team USA Funko Pops

I almost did a boo-boo right from the start here with the title and was just seconds away from calling these Hello Kitty Team America Funko pops – now that’s one cross-over I’d be happy to see. Hello Kitty joining the ranks of the world police! However, alas it is not, and it is in fact the team USA olympics Hello Kitty Funko Pops. I actually had no idea they were working on these and I have to say that i’m surprised that Funko got the license for these when Kid Robot already released essentially the exact same products at the start of the year. There seems to be more and more of this kind of cross over between Funko and Kid Robot, and almost when it comes to Hello Kitty – they must be getting even more loose with their licenses!

However the products are here and it’s nice when they support other sports than just the big spectator favorites of football, baseball, basketball, F1 and soccer. I wonder if any other countries will see a similar sort of line for their track and field athletes.

In this set there are 2 exclusives which are a Funko shop flocked gold medalist and a Target exclusive gymnast on the mat. Beyond that they are releasing a surfer, tennis player, swimmer, basketball player and a common gold medalist.

It looks like these will be hitting the stores at target at least around 20th July.

Hello Kitty is notoriously cute, but I have to say that the gymnast one is REALLY cute and it’s nice that the combined shape of Hello Kitty and a generic pop figure in the gymnastics leotard actually promotes a really nice, healthy body image.

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