Nerd News: Funkoween 2021 Reveals from Funko – Day 4

We’re on day 4 of Funkoween by Funko and as much as I love halloween and horror and even love some of what has been released today, there’s also some stuff which we just don’t really need, so maybe they should have closed Funkoween a few days ago. Again, it’s very late here in the UK so I’m going to leave it here but will be checking in the morning to see if they add any more lines over the night. Let me start by addressing the elephant in the room – they finally released better photos of those sneak peek masks they’d given us last week – do we really need to talk about these?

Funko x Disguise Pop Masks

I had a feeling that I wouldn’t like these and predicted that they would be flat plastic masks – you know, the really old school ones which essentially no one uses any more. That is indeed exactly what they have produced in conjunction with Disguise who have worked out a multi year deal with Funko to make masks of some of their products. From what I can tell these items are going to be made by Disguise rather than Funko but have Funko branding.

The characters which we have to begin with for these let’s face it cheap looking masks with some weird eye hole mesh right in the middle of each mask, are 2 versions of Batman, Jack Skellington, Pennywise, Harley Quinn, Sally and the Stay Puft man and I have to say, that particular mask looks awful! Personally I think these look like they should be for sale in a Home Bargains for about £4, but they’re available now on Amazon for $19.99!

Marvel Zombies & Evil Dead

I’m keeping Ash from the Evil Dead in this category, not because they are even in any way slightly related but just because he’s so far the only single pop for today’s announcements. The Ash pop also has a bloody chase version and he is joined by 2 new pops for the Marvel Zombie range with both Red Hulk (exclusive to Hot Topic) and Thor (exclusive to Entertainment Earth) being glow in the dark versions.

Universal Monsters

The Universal Monsters line has grown a little bit with this announcement and I must say that Frankenstein’s monster also looks like he might have grown a bit on the Loungefly backpack, if you know what I mean! Did they really have to put that massive smile on her face while in front of the big monster! The pops in this range are the bride of Frankenstein, Wolf man and Dracula, with all 3 being exclusive to Walgreens. From Loungefly you have the back pack as well as a cute purse.

Marvel Venom

I’m not generally a huge fan of the venomised range of figures and when it comes to the Funko shop exclusive Kingpin that hasn’t changed – although I have to say that the Hot Topic exclusive venomised Jack O Lantern is really cool looking. One thing I’m not sure we need more of is pen toppers but that’s what we have including venomised Mile Morales, Rocket Raccoon, Thanos and Captain Marvel.

Five Nights at Freddy’s – Curse of Dread Bear

It wouldn’t be Funkoween without more Five Nights at Freddy’s stuff right? It always feels like this is the only franchise which Funko want to put money in to for action figures these days. There are 5 new figures in total with one of the Foxy ones being a Walmart exclusive. Walmart also get an exclusive version of the plush fozxy too – there are again 5 plushies!

The Witcher

This one is an EB games exclusive and is another new line the same as the records and comic book lines, but in this case video game cases. DO we need all these new pops in weird sized boxes which just aren’t going to fit in most of our displays? This particular one is The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and unless I just missed it I guess we will see another announcement soon, with the first One (the Witcher is number 02) perhaps not fitting in with Funkoween.

They Live

Closing out day 4 of Funkoween are 2 new figures from They live, with the first being John Nada and the second being an alien, with the latter having a black and white chase version. The common one of these looks absolutely incredible – the colors are out of this world.

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