Nerd News: Funkoween 2021 Reveals from Funko – Day 3

It’s getting pretty late now so I’m not sure if we’ll be seeing much more tonight from the third day of announcements, but you never know and this post might need to grow a little more in the morning if they announce anything after I hit the sack! Watch this space! I actually have no idea how many days this is going on for to be honest. They haven’t revealed their masks yet so I don’t think they’re done just yet!

Carrie & La Llorna

I’m going to group these 2 gals in dresses together to start with because they’re the only single pops for today from the looks of it. First there is La Llorna from The Curse of La Llorna, and this one comes with a chase version. I have to say that for me I actually prefer the common version with the veil. Joining her is Carrie… from Carrie of course, and this one is a Walmart exclusive.

DC Heroes Dia De Los Muertos

This is a really unusual line and I’m not that up with my DC lore, so I don’t tknow if these are just cool looking pops they came up with or whether this is an actual thing. Either way these DC characters with Dia De Los Muertos face paint and clothing are actually really nice looking pops, and there are plenty to choose from, with my favourite possibly being the Green Lantern Jessica Cruz. However there is of course also Batman with a Hot Topic exclusive glow in the dark version, Bane with an Entertainment Earth exclusive glow in the dark version, and the Joker with a glow in the dark version exclusive to Amazon. Beyond that the others just have commons for Blue Beetle, Harley Quinn and the Flash who will however only be available at the Funko shop.


A new line of original characters with 2 pops and 2 plush which will all be exclusive to Hot Topic. They’re certainly not anything I’d buy and to be honest I’m not sure how well these lines do for Funko but there’s no denying that they know how to make a cute character! These will also be coming to Funko Europe.

The Walking Dead

I feel like its been a little while since we last had some new Walking Dead products (and that’s across the board, not just Funko) and they’re blessing us with some nice ones too from the latest season. There is Maggie with a bow and arrow, Carol, Daryl with Dog and finally a really cool looking Negan – I think I’d actually go as far as saying that this is my favourite Negan pop to date, and its available for early access to AMX The Walking Dead Supply Drop subscribers.

New Product Lines

There are a few completely new products to talk about (and no, so far it’s not a Funko mask). The first is a slightly new style pop which looks like is going down the route of the coca cola cans and bottle caps, in the form of cereal boxes. If I’m going to be totally honest, personally I think they look awful and it feels like they’re just putting arms and legs on anything they can find, stuffing it in a window box and calling it a pop. They are ad icons figures for Count Chocula, Boo Berry and Franken Berry.

Along with these there are also a set of matching watches, which just feel like really cheap kids watches. it will be interesting to see what the quality and price for these is going to be like.

Finally they’re teaming up with Random House Publishing to put some of their Funko designs in a book. Random House publish the Little Golden Books which my son absolutely loves, so this is a product launch I can totally get behind! This first story is based on Universal Monsters, in particular Dracula, Frankensteins Monster and Wolfman, with more coming up for E.T, the Office and Back to the Future.

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