Nerd News: Funko x Panini Trading Card Product Line Coming Soon

So the details about this are sketchy at best at the moment so there’s not too much to say and there’s no way to know how good they’re going to be. As a newly invigorated trading card collector myself the idea of Funko trading cards really spiked my interest… I was thinking trading cards like the put in the Funko DC Bombshells box. You know, actual trading cards with sporting stars or movie stars or what ever but in Funko form – that would be a seriously cool product. However the way it was described in the article by which is the one which Funko retweeted themselves it looks like these are going to be done more in the style of the Comic Book cover or Record cover pops. So you’d have an over-sized trading card as the background of the box (which will no doubt be way too big for the pop) and then a regular sized Funko pop figure stood in front of this.

They’re starting the line with 6 players from the NBA and NFL with more sports to be added later in the year. At the moment it doesn’t look like there will be any non-sports cards which I think is a bold move because it’s really limiting their market to the States… The NFL and NBA really aren’t all that big in the UK. The type of card being used in the background will be from their Prizm range which means that hopefully they’d stay true to the style and these boxes will at the very least have some of that holo effect in the background.

I’m really struggling to get excited about this one!

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