Nerd News: Funkoween 2021 Reveals by Funko – Day 2

Day 2 of Funkoween came to a close late last night (for us here in the UK at least) and we got another load of new products, although it feels like they’re really spacing out these reveals and dragging it out a fair bit. The format for Funkoween doesn’t seem all that clear but there’s certainly going to be at least one more day of announcements as we still haven’t seen those Funko masks yet! What we did see is something which I predicted right at the start – a HUGE Nightmare Before Christmas announcement (and I don’t think they’re done with Jack Skellington just yet)… You know there’s more to Halloween than Jack and Sally Funko! Shall we start with that line and get it out of the way?

Nightmare Before Christmas

It wouldn’t be Funkoween without an unnecessary number of Nightmare Before Christmas products right? The first thing is a pop train of figures featuring Jack at the front, with Sally riding in a cat car, Oogie Boogie in a dice car, Zero in a rubber duck type car, the Mayor in a creepy mask car and the Clown in a jack in a box car, with the last one being a Funko shop exclusive. Hot Topic also have an exclusive in that line, with an alternative glow in the dark version of Zero.

There are 4 new pocket pop keychains featuring the Mayor, Oogie Boogie, Jack and Sally with both the Mayor and Jack getting some pops too. The mayor one is a nice new diamond edition Hot Topic exclusive with a chase variant (there seem to be a lot of diamond edition pops this year), and the Jack Skellington pop is an FYE glow in the dark restock from last year.

Staying on the topic of pops, they have released another line of Art Series pops for Nightmare Before Christmas, and just like last year I personally think that Oogie Boogie and Sally both look terrible and the Mayor only looks marginally better. This line does include a Funko shop and Hot topic exclusive. They do redeem themselves a little with their pop ride as Jack rides along in his sled.

Finishing this Nightmare Before Christmas announcement (I told you there was a lot) we have a card game and 3 new t-shirts, and I have to say that these shirts are pretty damn cool! Especially the Oogie Boogie roll the dice one.

Brandon Breyer, Emily & Vincent Price

Seems like a weird way for me to group them right? Well these were the only 3 single pops announced yesterday with Brandon Breyer being the only pop from the Brightburn movie being announced, a diamond edition version of Emily from the Corpse Bride as a Hot Topic exclusive, while Vincent Price, of course makes his mark as an icon pop and quite rightly so!

Demon Slayer

I don’t think there were too many anime figures last year and this year there haven’t been many franchises involved either… So far at least, but they make up for it with a really nice range of Demon Slayer products. I have to admit that I don’t really know anyhting about this show to the point where literally all I really know is that the pig headed guy is in it, he’s called Inosuke Hashibira and the only reason I know this is because Jessica Nigri did an incredible cosplay of him (although it was nothing compared to her pyramid head cosplay – where’s that pop at eh?). So speaking of that Inosuke, there’s a chalice collectibles exclusive which has a chase version with a different head and there’s also a common version. With the other common figures there are Zenitsu Agatsuma, Nezuko Kamado, Tanjiro Kamado and Muzan Kibutsuji along with a Tanjiro vs Rui pop moment.

Tanjiro has a few different figures which also includes a Galactic toys exclusive, complete with a glow in the dark chase (which in Europe is coming to Forbidden Planet in the UK & Ireland, Shop For Geek in Belgium and Games Academy in Italy), a Hot Topic exclusive (which FunkoEurope will be getting too) and a glow in the dark Box Lunch exclusive. Box Lunch also have an exclusive “mini Nezuko in a box” (which is also coming to FunkoEurope) and a Nezuko pocket pop (with this one being a shared exclusive with Hot Topic in the States but also HMV in the UK, Raccoon Games in Spain and Games Academy in Italy). Finally AAA Anime have a Giyu Tomioka exclusive pop (which is also coming to HMV in the UK, Shop For Geek in Belgium, Figuras de Series in Spain & Portugal and Games Academy in Italy).

Funkoween Funko Soda Figures

We already got a sneak peek at this range a few days ago with the announcement of that vampire Freddy Funko but so far we also have another 3. All 3 of these are limited to just 5,000 and they don’t appear to have a common and chase (probably because each of these ad icons already has a soda figure with both a common and chase and they haven’t really done anything to change the designs), instead there is a Metallic Count Chocula, a glow in the dark Boo Berry and a flocked Frute Brute. All 3 will be Funko shop exclusives.


There’s a nice new addition coming for the Gremlins line, although it would have been nice to see a little more variety thrown in there. The best example of that is Gizmo who has 4 very slightly different versions with a normal version heading to Entertainment Earth, a flocked version at Target, a jumbo version at Walmart and then a pocket pop version. Anyone else think that’s just lazy design work?

Spike is slightly better by only having 2 versions of himself, a standard pop and a pocket pop, which we finish this line with a Funko shop exclusive Daffy, which is also heading to FunkOEurope.

Lilo & Stitch

We rounded off day 2 with Lilo & Stitch, or to be more precise just Stitch. Hot Topic are getting a new Stitch pop as well as a jumbo sized plush while LoungeFly are releasing a bag and purse.

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